Motor Rolled

The past couple of weeks my MOTOROLA DROID “Smart” phone has been giving me trouble until yesterday when it finally did nothing but act “Stupid” and became useless. It knew it was plugged in to a charger but would not charge up. It knew it was plugged into my computer but would not let me transfer files. Before it stopped altogether it played with my patience these past couple of weeks by working sometimes or working when I jiggled with the cable or took the plug in and out a few times.

I am suspicious that this problem started shortly after they installed a SYSTEM UPDATE but I am not entirely sure. For sure, the problem started shortly after the 1 year warranty expired.

The “Insurance” that I had on the phone was a waste of money and provided only a false sense of security because I discovered that this was just a scam when I went to the store to have my phone fixed or replaced. The insurance covered repairs after my deductible expense, which is $40, and I have to mail the phone somewhere and wait for it to be fixed and mailed back. While I am waiting, I will be without a phone. Instead, my only other choice was to buy out the remaining balance of the dead phone and get a new one. That cost me a few hundred dollars plus the tax on the new phone had to be paid up front which was another hundred dollars. The sales clerk gave me a few minutes to make my “Choice” of these two miserable options. The only other choice was to walk out of the store and keep paying for service that I am locked into for the next several months on a dead phone.

My new phone is a Samsung, which are the ones that were in the news recently for exploding when they get too hot. If it does not explode, I am hoping that it will at least continue to work for the complete 2 years of the service contract that I signed up for.

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