Xmas 1965 (?)

I was too young when this happened to remember the incident but the story was told repeatedly for years and years afterwards.

My family was at the home of someone else when “Young Me” received a gift called the “Horrible Hamilton” toy. It was a toy that when the string was pulled, the arms and legs would move and it would crawl along the floor. Young Me had a different idea of what it could do and I tossed Hamilton into the Christmas tree. Hamilton tore the tree apart, sending Christmas ornaments shattering to the ground with its robotic motion as the adults in the room yelled in shock. I was only about 3 or 4 years old, so I do not think I meant to create the chaos but was just curious if it could climb a tree. OR, I could have been surprised when it started moving and just tossed it away and the tree had the misfortune of being in the direction I was facing. Whatever. It became one of the Classic Christmas stories for our family.

I found Hamilton on Youtube. I never saw the toy again so at least now I know what it  looked like.