Thanks “Boss”

What am I doing for the Thanksgiving holiday? I will be following the traditional Thanksgiving meal that I have repeated nearly every year for about 20 years now. I will be having a turkey sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. I have to work that night.

My overnight shift starts Thursday night, which my job considers as the beginning of Friday. This completely ruins the Thanksgiving holiday for me. My job gives me off the night before, Wednesday. It considers Wednesday as the “Holiday”.

It gets worse. If I was one of the lucky few who were able to get the holiday week off, our work week starts on Friday night for Saturday. No one is starting to celebrate Thanksgiving on the Friday before Thanksgiving, 6 days in advance. We would all want to be off Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that we could visit our relatives like a “Normal” person does. I suppose my co-workers who were lucky enough to get the “Holiday” off this year could be the hosts and have everyone come visit them and then they could send them all home so they could sleep Friday and work Friday night. One year I did take off 2 weeks so that I could have the “TRUE” holiday weekend. I had to use 10 days of vacation time when I only needed 4 of them. You would think that my job would make an exception to there “WEEK” rule for this one week of the year, but not my job. Everything is “By the Book”

I still have many things to be thankful for and I will celebrate them, alone with my sandwich from Dunkin Donuts.

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