Gadget Guy

My radio alarm block needed to be replaced because the buttons on it sunk into the body of the clock after too many times from being pushed.

My room mate had an alarm clock that she was no longer using so I graciously accepted the offer and saved myself a few dollars.

For most people that would be the end of this story but nothing is ever easy in my life and the alarm clock frustrated me immediately after I plugged it in. You would think that adjusting the time and setting the alarm would be easy things to figure out how to do on an alarm clock, but not this thing. Since the previous owner was not around to help me, I had to figure out how to do this by myself. On the front of the box were buttons for turning the alarm on and off, a “Snooze” button and a button for adjusting the brightness of the display of the digital numbers. Those 3 buttons and nothing more. On the top of the box was a button to choose between radio or alarm sound, and only and up and down button to adjust numbers. After a few minutes I learned that by holding down the “Radio or Alarm” button that I was able to set the timer. Now all I had to do was figure out how to correctly set the time.

I pushed buttons down and held them. I pushed two and three buttons down at the same time. I rotated the stupid alarm clock around in my hands over and over again, screaming obscenities and looking for a hidden button. This went on for 45 minutes. The manufacturer of this ALARM CLOCK had given super low priority to the function of setting the time on the clock, which is something that should never have been this hard to figure out. They were more concerned with adjusting the brightness of the digital display, which had a big button right in the front. Finally, I found a very small button, the same color as the body of the clock, located directly under the power cord. Holding this button down was the trick to setting the clock. Why? Why would anyone build the alarm clock in such a way?

After setting the clock, I tossed and turned in bed unable to fall asleep for another 45 minutes while my rage subsided.