Mr. Pea Nut

There were only three things that I needed to buy at the supermarket and what should have been a quick in and out was thwarted by the supermarket having moved the place where they keep the peanut butter. For several years, maybe even decades, the peanut butter and the jelly were in the aisle with the bread which makes perfect sense. Not too long ago, someone moved it to the aisle where the hard peanuts are, which kind of made sense but they moved the jelly there too. Following that same logic, the jelly should be in the fruit section. Now, the peanut butter was missing once again. The first place I looked was the first place it ever was, and the best place for it, by the bread. After wandering around, up and down many aisles, I found it in the aisle where they keep the bags of snacks. Why was it there?

While searching for the peanut butter I approached a guy stocking some shelves and agitatedly said “I am losing my mind. Where did you put the peanut butter?” He gave me a confused and frightened look, which is when I realized that he did not work there. In my own defense, he was standing next to a skid of boxes with two cans in his hands so I thought he was stocking the shelves while I guess he was trying to decide which can he was holding was the freshest or something like that.

From his point of view, he was trying to buy something and a crazy guy rushed towards him, claming to be losing his mind and demanding peanut butter.

I immediately felt sorry for what I had done and tried to explain to him that I had mistaken him for a store clerk, but he was visibly frightened of me. I can not blame him. I would have been in a defensive stance and ready for a fight if someone did to me what I had just done to him.

On the positive side of the experience, both of us had a story to share with our friends although he is probably not as amused about it as I am. I am also not taking any of the blame because the supermarket should keep the peanut butter with the bread where it belongs.

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