Infective Ignorace

My left cheek is swollen up like I am chewing tobacco because I have an infected tooth, which reminds me of a funny story.

I had an infected tooth on the right side of my face about twenty years ago. The tooth had been bothering me but I kept ignoring it, waiting for the nerve to die but before it died I woke up one morning with a swollen face. That swelling was on my lower right jaw and was far more disturbing looking than it is when it is the upper row of teeth and the cheek swells. People could not help themselves and they would stare at me, wondering what was wrong with me and praying that it was not contagious.

The dentist will not remove the rotten tooth until the infection is cleaned up by a dose of antibiotics. My dentist was surprised that the infection was still there after the first week.  The swelling had gone down considerably but there was still too much left to operate, so I had to take a second week of antibiotics. After the infection was still there after the second week the dentist and I discussed what could be wrong and it was only during this consultation that he informed me that I was supposed to abstain from alcohol while on antibiotics. Who knew? Twenty years ago I was drinking excessively on a daily basis. It never occurred to me to take a break.