Short Story

Ordering clothing online is a gamble. Not only might the clothing be ugly when it arrives, but it might not fit either. To protect myself from having to return what I bought, I ordered a test pair of shorts with the plan being that if I liked them then I would order another 10 pairs to get me through two weeks of work. After I ordered the shorts, I saw that the delivery date was going to be just over a month. Being impatient, I ordered a different pair of shorts from a different company.

Both pairs of shorts arrived the same week. I wore them and washed them the same week too. Now, because they look so much alike, I am not sure how to order more of the shorts that I like better. I guess I will have to repeat the process again with only one of the companies and see which shorts arrive this time.

A good plan that was poorly executed. This is the story of my life.

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