Easy Money

Seniority is important at my job. The longer that you work there, you will get the better days off and the easiest jobs. I like this. It eliminates most of the back stabbing and ass kissing that happened at the hundred other jobs that I have had in my life.

My job is to run a mail sorting machine. Because we run the machine seven days a week but I only work five, the boss needs someone else on those other two days. This means that on most nights, there is an extra person. That person will run the machine when the operator takes lunch and another break during the night. When not running the machine, the extra person manually sorts the mail that the machine can not process.

Manually sorting the mail is one of the easiest jobs in the building and is done by the most senior workers. It is so easy that it is also done by those people who are too injured to perform their usual job.

In what to me is an amazing blessing, workers that are senior to me are choosing to run the machine instead of working in the manual section. I think they are crazy. The other night, I worked in the manual section for my full eight hours. If you saw me, you would think I was the crazy one because of the big smile on my face all night long as I am making easy money.