Bitter Pills

You may or may not know, depending on how well you know me, that I am a broken down wreck of a man after 50 years of reckless living. About 10 years ago I got my skull cracked open. Ever since then, I have to take a pill to battle vertigo. If I do not take that pill, I am crippled with dizziness.

My prescription for this pill has to be renewed every 30 days. Why? I have no clue. I have been taking it for 10 years. Why is it not one of those kinds of pills that automatically renew themselves? I have checked with my insurance but this pill is not on the list. It has no street value. It does not make a person feel happy, and it does not cure hangovers. It is MECLIZINE, for anyone who is curious.

The prescription is also only good for two refills, so every three months I have to get my pharmacist to call my doctor for permission to give me another refill. Every so often, when my doctor is greedy, he will tell the pharmacy that I need to come and pick up the prescription in person. Why does this happen? It is only so that the doctor can collect money for my office visit, because I do not even get an examination. This is how health care works in our life and times.

Last month, it was a refill that needed permission. I went to the pharmacy three times, spread out over three weeks, only to be told that they were waiting to hear from my doctor. They were waiting to hear back but not giving a damn if the doctor never called back. To no ones surprise, I ran out of the pills. After my third trip to the pharmacy they revealed that my doctor needed to see me. This visit to my doctor was not only for them to collect my office visit money, but also to fill out a form with all of my personal information that they already had on file because they were installing a new computer system.

I was angry with the world, but after I calmed down I am now only blaming my pharmacy. They should have told me the first time to see my doctor, I will keep my doctor but I am never using that pharmacy again. They lost a 20 year customer, but I doubt that they care or will even notice. This was RITE AID, by the way.

This afternoon I dropped my prescription off at a new pharmacy. When I went back later to pick it up, they told me that my insurance refused to renew it because I had a bottle of pills waiting for me at RITE AID. The pills were there the entire time. The idiots must have misplaced it, or something. They lied right into my face about waiting to hear from my doctor.