Birthday Wishes

She turned 51 yesterday. I refused to celebrate her birthday because of how insulted I was in 2012, when I turned 50 and she treated my birthday celebration as if it was diarrhea that she could not get rid of fast enough. Yes, I hold grudges.

We are barely even functioning as room mates, which can be expected when you continue to live with someone that you should have divorced the first time that they screamed into your face that they hate you. I forgave her for the first “Hate You” scream, but not the second. Telling it to my twice made me be believe that this was how she really felt. I warned her not to do it that second time, but she ignored me. Still, after that we have lived together for another 16 years. I want to raise our son together. My prison sentence comes to an end when my son graduates high school, less than two years from now.

I thought that I had ignored her birthday celebration yesterday, on her birthday, but when I woke up today my son told me that they were planning to have the dinner on this day, a day later. So, I had to ignore her twice. I was never invited, which made it easier to ignore. My son asked me if I even wanted to be there. He remembers what happened in 2012, and how I did not include his mother in my 2013 birthday celebration. The important thing that I wanted my son to know is that I did “WISH” that I had a wife that I could celebrate the birthday of. Celebrations are happy occasions and I like to be happy. It is unfortunate that my Ex has spoiled our birthdays with her selfishness.

I “WISH” many things were not the way that they were. I wish that my Ex was someone else.

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