The “Golden Rule” fails, again

My Ex hates me and I probably should hate her. Even given that, we share an apartment and parenthood of our now 17 year old son. It sure would be easier to do if my Ex would exhibit even a hint of decency.

I have been sick with the flu for over two months, off and on. The past couple of days were rough. I thought I had recovered but the flu came back with a vengeance. It attacks the respiratory system and the congestion induces vomiting. That is on a good day. On a bad day, this flu will give you a wicked headache too.

All this time that I have been sick, my Ex has been her usual indifferent and self absorbed self. What do I want, or expect from a room mate? How about asking me how I am feeling? Am I feeling better? God forbid, but maybe you might ask me if I need anything, but just asking about the status of my illness costs nothing. It is free.

I pointed it out once, nicely. When I wake up and she gives me the silent treatment, our son follows her lead. She is teaching him bad manners. I appealed to her sense or pride. Did her parents raise her to be a rude and inconsiderate bitch? How would they feel, knowing how their daughter acts? Without a proper sense of manners, we are no better than animals. All of this talking went in one of her ears and out of the other, or it bounced off of that thick head of hers. The “Golden Rule” is that we should do unto others as you would like them to do for us, right? Everyone knows the rule. I am not asking to have my ass kissed, just some common courtesy. I ask them how they are feeling. I am the only person in this house that cares, apparently.

Because of my overnight work schedule, the sleeping arrangement with my Ex is that I use the bed in the day and she sleeps in it at night. Most couples that split up but stay together, one of them has to sleep on the living room couch. Either one of us does that when we are tired while the other one is in bed. If I ever woke up next to her in bed again, I might die from choking on my own vomit.

I wake up, they know I am sick and do not ask how I am feeling. Again, I pointed out to them that on PLANET EARTH this is not how human beings treat each other. Ask me about the condition of my health, when you know I am sick. It is easy. Not doing so is an insult to me.

I ignored it a few more times, but today I am feeling healthy. I have the lung capacity to give longer speeches. I tried yet again to get some respect in this house. It is not even so much as it is insulting to me as it is setting a bad example for our son. I know she hates me, she knows he hates me. She has probably convinced him to hate me too. None of that excuses their rude behavior. They should ask me how I am feeling, just to shut me up. There is no way that I am going to suffer insults silently. I am not that kind of guy. I feel like they are unhappy to see me get out of bed, still alive. They wish I would die. I am going to find it hard to be friendly with people that feel this way about me.

I would ask my room mate if they were still sick, even if I hated them, if only out of fear that what was making my room mate sick might be contagious.

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