Living in the New Word

“I do want to live this way” she told him while they were scavenging for food in the world left ruined by nuclear apocalypse. This saddened him, because he was happy. He was the kind of man that a nuclear apocalypse had improved his life. Before the bombs dropped, he was poor. Now, after the bombs, he took what he needed from the rubble.

There was noise.  A car, or some cars coming down the road. She ran towards the noise, screaming for help. She is going to be raped and eaten, he thought, maybe both horrible things. He did not follow her. After walking away for half of an hour, he barely remembered her name or the sounds of crying and screaming.

The banana that he had found was sweet and only half rotten. He peeled away the skin and felt like a winner. Any day that he could exchange an annoying complainer for some half rotten fruit was a good day.

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