Leaving Levittown

Money moves us. I was born in one town and my parents rented apartments in two other towns before buying a house in Levittown, Long Island in 1973 only because it was a town that they could afford to buy a home in. I grew up there. Those were my formative years. I would have stayed in Levittown with my family and friends if I could have found a job that paid me enough to continue living there. The only reason I moved was to be closer to where I worked. If you can live close enough to your job that you can walk to work, you are one of the lucky ones, especially if you can not drive an automobile and are restricted to either walking or public transportation. Public transportation on Long Island sucks.

I moved away from Levittown in four steps westward towards New York City and then past New York City, crossing two rivers. Gradually, I started visiting home less often. Once a week, once a month, once a year and now I have not been in my hometown in about 20 years. Is it my Aspergers syndrome? I think so. I am easily distracted by fun.  There was nothing bad that ever happened in Levittown that keeps me from returning.

One of my friends once reminded me that I am always welcome in Levittown, as if some bad memory is the reason that I always choose the more exciting entertainment available in New   York City rather than returning to my hometown to talk about all the fun I should be having in New York City. Most of my best Levittown memories are of things that did not happen in Levittown.

Still, Levittown is in my blood and made me the man I am today. I only left physically, not spiritually.

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