The Passenger

Contrary to what many people think, the reason that I do not have a license to drive has nothing to do with my love for alcohol. It is a vision problem. I am not blind, but I can not see well enough to drive. I could drive really slowly, but I have no depth perception or long distance vision. I was born with amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye, and when I was a teenager I damaged the good eye. A glass bottle was thrown against a wall and some of the glass got into my eye when I instinctively turned after hearing the glass break. I did at one time have a learners permit to drive but it was a bad idea. The roads are safer for everyone else without me driving on them.

Not driving does free me up to drink excessively. That is the only good thing about not driving. No one takes the bus if they had the option to own a car instead, unless you live in a city. The public transportation outside of a city is inconvenient. Grocery shopping is limited to how much I can carry home. I have to use a small handcart to bring my laundry to be laundromat or on the odd occasions when I purchase something to heavy to carry. All of my neighbors have grown used to the sight of me walking around town, but very few of them know that I am vision impaired. When they see me carrying home a case full of beer, they probably assume that drinking is what keeps me from driving.

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