Where are you?

There will be times when you and I will have enjoyed an adventure together, but later when you read about it on this blog there will be no mention of you being there. The story of the adventure will be told as if I was alone, or I might mention that a friend or friends were with me if it is necessary for the story. I will not mention you by name, unless we have talked about it in advance and you agreed. My friends never have to fear that I will expose them publicly. The craziest adventures, I might not even write about or I might have to wait until the statute of limitations has expired.

If you know me from work or from partying with me, you can usually guess who the subject of my Twitter posts are about. You all know who I love, who I have loved, who I am lusting after and who I am angry with. The majority of those angry tweets will be about my ex, but not all of them.

My ex does not get to remain anonymous, and neither does my son. They would prefer not to be written about, but it is too bad for them that I am a writer and some of the stories from my life are about parenthood. Some of the stories and rants will be about my failed marriage, and living with the woman who destroyed the family I was trying to create.

For many years I refrained from criticizing my ex in public, but a few years ago I changed my mind. She was telling her family all kinds of lies about me, so I started to write my side of the story in a blog that all of the world can see, including her family. If you want to hear her side of the story, you can read about it on her blog titled “My husband is a drunken asshole”, or something like that.

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