Solo Show

Will I really have to go to see this band play by myself? Many years ago, I asked myself this question and decided to just do it and see how it felt.

The first show that I went to see alone was Ted Nugent playing at the Nassau Coliseum in the late 1970s. Why was I the only one of my friends that wanted to see Ted? We all liked him, but I was the only one willing to take the 30 minute bus ride to the Coliseum than night.

After that, I knew the truth. The only time I need companionship at a live musical event is before and after, because during the performance I will be ignoring whoever I am with anyway.

It is always awkward to be sitting alone while I am waiting for the music to start, looking at all of the happy people with their friends, and wishing that I had friends there with me. But, I would rather be there feeling alone than actually being alone at home and wishing that I was seeing some live music.

Never once, even when the music sucked, have I wished that I stayed home instead. Well, almost never. There have been some crappy nights.

BUT, I wil not be blogging about music. I have tried to write about music before but I was not capable and I find reviews of shows that I have been to are even more inadequate than if I had written them. You really have to be there to know what is happening.

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