Before I got a DVR recorder, I had no idea how much fighting was televised, and that I was missing. Now, I record several hours of fighting each week and spend both Saturday and Sunday mornings doing nothing else but watching it. Some weeks, like this one, there is too much and my viewing carries over into Monday. Being that I am obsessive/compulsive, I feel like I have to see everything. If you are a fan of fighting sports, you will know that the average is one good fight out of every ten that we watch, but it is worth it.

There were some great fights the past two nights.

But, I will not be blogging about the fights that I have watched. There are plenty of websites that do a perfectly fine job covering the sports of boxing and mixed martial arts.

The first complaint that people who are not fans of fighting sports have is that it is too violent but I do not watch fights for the violence. If I wanted to satisfy some kind of blood lust, I can find things to watch that are far more violent. A great fight is one where the two fighters are equally skilled and prepared. I do not want to see a mismatch, where one fighter beats the hell out of a lesser opponent. Just like everyone else, I wince and say “Ouch” when I see that happen. The fights that I enjoyed the most this past weekend were those when a fighter found a way to beat a guy that was physically stronger than he was, and another when the fighter came close to losing but overcame the adversity to win.

Is watching a great fight better than sex? No, but it usually lasts longer.


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