Into the Darkness

My productivity is compromised by my desire to drink alcohol excessively. One day or night a week, at the least, I will medicate myself with either whiskey or beer. When I do this, I am useless. It is completely selfish of me. Selfish and selfless because I am even stealing time from the creative side of my brain. I can not write, read or think clearly. I am overdosing, blurring my sense of reality and eventually falling asleep. This is different than social drunkenness. I do this alone. I do not want to converse. I am shutting down, only being able to do consume the music and movies that other people created. Amusingly, even in my incapacitated condition I still find most of the movies I watch are insulting to my intelligence.

I will never be insulting your intelligence by writing and posting anything while I am drunk. Luckily for all of us, I have no patience for keyboards when I am inebriated. If you are my friend on Facebook, you will see a stream of me sharing YouTube music videos and you will know that I am drinking heavily. I forget to limit myself to one or two video shares, which I think is the proper etiquette?

Why do I do drink myself nearly to death? Because I know what will happen if I do not. I need to shut down my soul or I will overheat. I get so tightly wound up inside that I am combustible. I am doing this to save you from the monster inside of me.

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